Do you want to take the rural tourism in Masía Pla del Bosc to another level?


Our outdoor group or family activities will provide you with an extra pleasure that you will always remember!

SHOT AT THE ARC – «Feel a real Robin Hood»


This activity tests skill and dexterity with the bow and arrows on a fixed target. The activity is located in the olive grove of the farmhouse, offering also wonderful views. In this activity you will perform different games and championships with your teammates, and you will practice from different shooting distances and with different strategies. A good way to see your level of concentration and have fun with your friends. The monitor will teach you how to handle the bow and will advise you so that each time you get closer to the center of the target. CERTAINLY, DURING THE COMPETITION YOU WILL GET GOOD PHOTOS THAT YOU CAN SHARE IN YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS!

PRICE: 25€ per person


DURATION: 1 hour

RELAXATION AND AUTOMATION – «Enjoy and learn to relax in nature»


The activity is carried out by the physiotherapist of Masía Pla del Bosc. The aim is to release the tension and stress accumulated during the week to reach a higher level of calm and learn relaxation techniques and self-massage that you can use in your day to day. You will also enjoy the sounds and smells of nature that surround you. The dynamic allows you to connect with yourself and with others at the same time thanks to the RELAX ZONE of the Masía Pla del Bosc. If you want to give yourself a magical touch, book this activity at night and relax under the light of the moon and the stars.

32€ per person (Daytime hours)
45 per person (Night hours)


DURATION: 1 hour

CLASS OF DOMA NATURAL – «Are you ready for an adventure with horses?»


The horse is the best friend of man and woman. Do not you just believe it? In this course, both adults and children will create a special bond with horses from a natural and soft perspective. You will learn to observe, relate and communicate with this noble animal on foot as well as mounted. In the first half hour of the activity you learn to brush and place all the material you need later for the natural riding class. Later, you will proceed to board one of the horses and … the route will start! Do not think twice and experience the magnificent trotting of a beautiful horse in complete harmony. Enjoy rural tourism in its pure state.

PRICE: 40 € per person


DURATION: 1 hour

BEACH AND AQUATIC MOTORBIKES IN VILANOVA I LA GELTRÚ – Enjoy the beach very close to the Masía Pla del Bosc.


A 10 minutos de la Masía Pla del Bosc se encuentran las fabulosas playas de Vilanova y la Geltrú que te darán la oportunidad de completar tu experiencia en nuestra Masía en la montaña con el ambiente marinero de la costa. Atrévete a conducir las motos acuáticas ideales para pasar un día aventurero en contacto con el mar. La actividad incluye el traslado a la playa ida y vuelta para que no tengas que preocuparte de nada. También incluye seguro de responsabilidad civil, monitor, chalecos salvavidas y gasolina. Tendrás una moto para dos o tres personas y podrás cambiar de conductor para que todos podáis experimentar tanto el paseo por el mar como la divertida conducción de las motos.

PRICE: 67 € per person


DURATION: 30 minutes

PAINTBALL – Fun in pure state! Show your skills with your friends outdoors!


Test your ability to develop strategies and survive the confrontation with your rivals. Excitement and adventure in its purest state! An ideal activity to download adrenaline and feel like real guerrillas. This activity includes the transfer to the paintball field, round trip and rental of the equipment, 150 balls, Splatmaster markers for children from 5 to 12 years, BT4 marker for adults adjustable and for children from 13 years, mono and chest, back, neck, gloves and mask protections, as well as liability insurance. Minimum group of 8 people to play.

PRICE: 35 € per person


DURATION: 2 hours-2,30 hours

GOLF CLASSES – Calling all golf enthusiasts!


Enjoy golf near Masía Pla del Bosc in the Pitch & Putt of Vilanova i la Geltrú, with 18 holes where you will enjoy sports and nature. Try this sport with the help of a monitor’s private lessons and then go on to perfect your technique in the wonderful driving range. The activity includes the round trip transfers to the field, one hour of monitor and the material so you can continue for another hour at your own pace. Relax and learn in the same space, motivated by the practice of an unusual sport. For the initiates and professionals of this sport, the activity includes the round-trip transfers to the field and the material and use of the 18-hole field.

PRICE: 65 € per person


DURATION: 2,30 hours

CLIMB «LA FACU» – Dare to get to the top!


The Facu is a climbing area located very close to the Masía Pla del Bosc. It is a discreet wall of 30 meters high, which is located in the outer limits of the Olérdola Regional Park, and which is part of the local and tourist attractions of the town of Canyelles; The monitor will come to look for you in the Masía Pla del Bosc and will accompany you along the path that leads to the Facu. This activity includes walking transfers guided by the monitor, climbing equipment and liability insurance. The practice of this activity will keep you enthusiastic for 4 hours !!!! Pure rural tourism.

PRICE: 32 € per person
(minimum 8 people- Also suitable for children!)


DURATION: 4 hours